Amount : Rs 3000 - 5000
No. of Candidates : 20

University Merit list holders OR above 70% marks in the exams Conducted by Pt. R.S.S.U.
75% Minimum attendance in previous year.

Economically Weak Class

Amount : Rs 3000 - 5000
No. of Candidates : 20
For candidates whose father is not alive
Who holds no property or business.
Candidates to secure at least 55% marks in aggregate in previous Exams. All the relevant documents to be produced.
Attendance of 75% minimum


Amount : Rs 3000 - 5000
No. of Candidates : 20

Christian students with at least 60% marks in aggregate in the previous Exam.
Minimum of 75% attendance in the previous year.

Co-Curricular Activities

Amount : Rs 3000 - 5000
No. of Candidates : 20
The Candidates must have represented at the National / State level in any game /sports event/RD camp / National level cultural event / National level Social Service activity.
Has obtained a minimum of 60% marks in the aggregate in the previous exam.
Has minimum 55% attendance in the previous year.

Scholarship by Alumni

Amount : Rs 5000
No. of Candidates : 6
Alumni - Mr. Rajeev Mundra, Mr. Ashish Drolia, Mr. Subodh Haritwal, Mr. Prakash Agrawal & two scholarships by Holy Hearts School
Eligibility - For Candidates who are economically weak and have active participation in academic & extra curricular activities.

Note :
Application for 1 year at a time.
Application only to those who study for the year.
In case a student fails to study one complete session, he/she will have to return the amount of scholarship granted.
Scholarship for students in any category is a special right of management.