Teachers are the most significant factor which influences the quality of education. To develop a competent, skilled and creative teacher, the teacher training institutes prepare the future teacher who is able to perform his duties effectively and provide proper learning conditions to the learner. Professional preparation of future teachers is the per-requisite for improving the status of teaching and to prepare our young generations to face the challenges of 21st century.

St. Vincent Pallotti College established in the year 1995. This society is renowned as the congregation of the Pallotine fathers & Brothers. The good services of the society are spread all over the world, making a beginning in India in 1951. The society seeks to live up to the ideals of St. Vincent Pallotti in spread the flame of charity. Its essential effort is in proclaiming to the world that unity & happiness lie in service.


M.Ed. is a higher option after B.Ed. The M.Ed. graduates can find employment in Colleges anywhere in the country after qualifying the NET. They can teach in higher secondary level and even work as lecturers in various universities or colleges.

The professionals in this field have many benefits.

  • The job ensures job security, job satisfaction and also good pay packages.
  • The job also ensures flexible schedule.

The teachers are not only responsible in developing a student’s academic knowledge but they also make them perfect in all aspects of life.


Many universities in India offer this course. Those who have pursued a bachelor’s degree in any discipline can join this course. B.Ed. is a two years programme. The candidates can choose the specialization in this course depending on the discipline they have studied in graduation. The career opportunities for these professionals are huge nowadays. They can get in to the teaching profession in various government as well as private institutions. The various employment areas for these graduates are schools, coaching centers, education departments, home tuitions, educational consultancies, private tuition and so on.


The main aim of B.Ed Department of our institution is to prepare future teachers who will be able to perform their duties effectively and is capable of correlating the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum. To achieve this the college possess:

  • Well qualified and dedicated teachers
  • Two years training programme that integrates general education with professional competence
  • Well equipped labs to improve the intellectual and technical competence of student teachers
  • Special focus on computer education and personality development
  • Working with the community is an important part of the training programme
  • Regular co-curricular activities to make the trainees more creative and innovative

The teachers are not only responsible in developing a student’s academic knowledge but they also make them perfect in all aspects of life.


  • E-Journals-Inflibnet-N-List Programme
  • E- Books
  • Internet Facility
  • Computerized Catalogue
  • Reprography


Inflibnet-N-List Programme :- In order to enrich its library resources the college added N- List programme of Inflibnet in this year. This programme contains E-books and E-journals. All the readers of the college both students and staff are provided with some password to login and utilize the E-journals and E-books for their scholastic development.

Wi-Fi Facility :-Looking into the digitalization the college has been equipped with Wi-Fi facility this year. Both the staff and the students are provided with the password. This facility enabled all the members of pallotine family to have unlimited internet access according to their requirements.


  • Name of the Course : B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)
  • No of Seats : 100
  • Nature of Course : Full Time
  • Duration : Two Years
  • Affiliation : Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G.)
  • Eligibility : As per NCTE and SCERT norms.
  • Medium : Hindi/English

At St. Vincent Pallotti College, we believe in expression of thoughts. To encourage this, management department organised an activity “Fun with Words” for students of BBA and M.Com on 15th April, 2021 at 11 am.

Students actively took part and expressed themselves on virtual platform and freely shared their thoughts. They showcase their vocabulary as the activity was related to the power of words, in which the students were given a set of words and they have to memorise it without writing it in their notebook and simultaneously they also had to make few meaning full sentences with the help of those given set of words and express themselves. The activity brought everyone closer. Teacher also came to know about their students. It helped the introvert and shy students to take initiative and express themselves.

The activity was a great learning experience for students as they got a platform to express their Knowledge and thoughts.37 students participated in the activity.

All the teachers of the department were present and applauded all the participants for their efforts and presentation. The manner in which students have showcased their vocabulary and presented themselves was praiseworthy.

In-charge for the activity was Mr. Dhaneshwar Yadav.

Management Department organized an online guest lecture on topic “A Holistic Approach for Career Building” by an expert, Mr. Nitin Jain, Head, Training & Placement, SSIPMT, Raipur.

He guided the students on how to choose a wise career and as a management graduate what are the various career options available for them. He also gave them valuable inputs on different online courses and internship programs through which students can gain knowledge in this difficult time of pandemic.

The students also interacted well with the expert and gained valuable information regarding their career and further studies. The session ended with question answer round.

The session was organized and conducted by Ms. Aanchal Mishra.

The Department of Commerce & Management organised national webinar on 18.07.2020. The cheif guest & keynote speaker was Prof. S.K Singh( Hon'ble Vice Chancellor,Bastar Vishwavidyalaya Jagdalpur) & Resource persons were Prof.A.K. Shirivastava(Dean & Head,Department of Management PRSU) & Prof. Ashish Bajpai (Faculty of Management Studies,BHU).They highlighed  the conditions of migrant workers during COVID-19. 

Student orientation program plays an important role in a student’s transition to a college life. Orientation programs are aimed at familiarizing the students to an unknown campus environment, its faculties, infrastructure, information related to the curriculum and scope of the course. It enables them to make essential connection with studies and develop network among other peers.

The basic goals of college when organizing an orientation program are:

  • Introducing students to their college life.
  • Informing the students about the curriculum, syllabus and important information related to the course.
  • Enabling the students to know about the programme.
  • Incorporating them in the college environment.
  • Giving the opportunity to the college members and faculties to get connected to the new batch.

The Department of Management has organized a two-day orientation program “PRARAMBH-The New Beginning” conducted on 20-21 September 2021. The first day of the orientation program (20/09/2021) started with the lighting of the lamp by the Director Rev. Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna, Principal Dr. Kuldeep Dubey. Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Roshan Kindo, Vice Principal Dr. G. Padma Gouri and HOD (Management) Dr. Prachi Singh.

Dr. Prachi gave an introductory speech about the college through a PowerPoint presentation. All the dignitaries also gave a welcoming speech for the students with zeal and enthusiasm. The event was followed by certain ice-breaking activities conducted by the faculties of the department and senior students.

The second day of the orientation program (21/09/2021) was “TED Talks with Entrepreneurs”. The event was introduced by Ms. Aanchal Mishra. Eminent speakers for the session were Mrs. Neeti Jain and Mrs. Shubhangi Apte, successful women entrepreneurs of the city.

The first speaker, Mrs. Neeti explained the students about how effective management can help a person to become a successful entrepreneur. She also explained on how a happy and peaceful life is an important parameter for a successful life. Second speaker, Mrs. Shubhangi Apte highlighted the points on how social cause can be added to your professional work and how to contribute to improve the environment through non-usage of plastic. Principal and Vice Principal felicitated the speakers with a token of appreciation.

The program came to an end with a vote of thanks given by Ms. Aanchal Mishra.

It was an occasion of joy and pleasure that a new block is constructed for the Management department and the blessing ceremony was conducted by Rev.Fr. Ajay Jojo,Provincial Consultant and Parish Priest of St.John the Baptist Church,Kapa,Raipur on 30/09/2021.

The Management of the college invited the teaching, non teaching and all support staff along with the students to grace the occasion. The Director of the college Rev Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna, Principal of Holy Cross Kapa  Rev Fr. Dilip Lakra , Principal Dr. Kuldeep Dubey. Assistant Director Rev Fr. Roshan Kindo, Vice Principal Dr. G Padma Gouri, HODs of various departments, faculties of the college and students were present on the auspicious ceremony.

The event started with the blessing of the new block by Rev. Fr. Ajay Jojo by sprinkling the holy water and offering prayer to the Almighty which was followed by a prayer song presented by the Pallottine brothers. Rev. Fr.Ajay Jojo inaugurated the new block by cutting the ribbon of the new basement’s staff room and classes. He also acknowledged the efforts and cooperation of all in construction of new block. The function came to an end with a vote of thanks proposed by Bro. Shashikant Soreng.

"Group" is a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. "Discussion" is the process whereby two or more people exchange information or ideas in a face-to-face situation to achieve a goal. The goal, or end product, maybe increased knowledge, agreement leading to action, disagreement leading to competition or resolution or perhaps only a clearing of the air or a continuation of the status-quo.

"Group Discussion", popularly labeled as GD, is a popular methodology used by many organizations (company, institute, business school, etc.). GDs form an important part of the short-listing process for recruitment or admission in a company or institution.

A “Group Discussion” was organized by Management Department for its students on 13/11/2021 in AVA room at 10:30 am. Topic given for the discussion was:

“Advertisements are beneficial or not”

Students participated actively in the discussion giving their views & opinions about the topics. The conclusion of GD was- Advertising is inevitable & the advertising field is changing for good. Many advertisers are doing well to society to get exposure for their brands & people have become more aware of false promises but the main problem with the advertising is growing consumerism, this must be avoided & we should work towards eco friendly life style.

Winners of the activity were:

Zeenat Fatima (B.B.A V)- Ist Position

Ayush Mishra(B.B.A I)- IInd Position

The SCAMPER method helps students to generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging them to ask seven different types of questions, which will help them to understand how they can innovate and improve existing products, services, problems and ideas. Students will learn how to use the method. SCAMPER is surprisingly easy to start using and very efficient in innovation and ideations sessions.


SCAMPER refers to a series of thought sparkers or provocations which help you to innovate on an existing product, service or situation by looking through different lenses. There are seven provocation lenses in the SCAMPER method:

  • Substitute
  • Combine
  • Adapt
  • Modify (Also Magnify and Minify)
  • Put to another use
  • Eliminate
  • Rearrange

An activity “SCAMPER” was organized by Management Department for its students on 27/11/2021 in BBA I class room at 11:00 am.

First an existing product or service was given to students. Then students were asked to apply the seven elements to the existing product. They applied the 7 elements to values, benefits, services, touch points, product attributes, pricing, markets and essentially any other related aspect relevance to ideation needs.

At the end students came up with viable solutions for the existing product. Some of them created a new product, or developed the existing one.


Winners of the activity were:

Vibhuti & Group (BBA I) First Position

Ankit & Group (BBA V) Second Position