PG Diploma in Yoga is a 1 - year post graduate degree program, the minimum eligibility is bachelors degree from a recognized college or its equivalent exam. There is no age bar for the course. Yoga is one of the ancient spiritual forms of preventive therapy of alternative medicine that originated in India. Yoga practice helps in controlling the disorders of human system by yoga therapy. Yoga has become one of the popular physical exercises across the world. PG Diploma in Yoga course trains and prepares students for yoga aspects of life

The applicants would be equipped with yoga to venture across the globe for teaching yoga and for health benefits of people. The course imparts skills in yoga for total personality development and promotes good health concept and stress prevention. It inculcates scientific attitudes and services of yoga therapy to the common man. The program focuses on principles of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Astrology. The program imparts the knowledge of the integral approach to yoga therapy. Yoga is an effective form of preventive therapy for diseases like cancer, asthma etc. Yoga being a system to link the man with the master has been practiced in India for thousands of years to overcome physical, mental and emotional distress. Even then it has not been recognized as a regular system of education in the Universities/ Institutions.

There are ample of career opportunities in this field and are increasing in India and abroad too. After pursuing post graduation diploma in the yoga program, candidates can work in yoga & pilates studios, health clubs, special needs center, private gym and in individual clients homes.

For Yoga Professionals, there are several job alternatives available both in the government and private sectors. Candidates can also be self-employed by opening their own yoga center. Yoga also opens different jobs in the given field such as management, research, hospital, administrative, academic, consultation, etc. The government has made it compulsory to have a Yoga teacher in every school.