Bachelor of Physical Education or B.P.E is an undergraduate course dealing with sports and physical fitness. The course basically introduces the individual to the domain of all sort of sports activities and its related knowledge. It is a vast course which is specifically meant for persons with sports background. The candidate must have passed the board examination under 10 + 2 scheme or equivalent which is required for 4 – years degree course in the university

B.P.E is a course which teaches various disciplines of physical activities. It is a sports based course. It describes the theory of ancient and medieval Vedic Yoga. All in one it takes you to next level of amazing sportsman spirit inculcated through training in sports and knowledge of various kinds of dynamic physical exercises. Any person who has keen interest in sports and fitness and is ready to choose this as his or her career option can opt for this course. The course in itself provides for a wider sports training and thus it becomes obligatory for the person to perform sports activities during the course. Therefore anyone who can easily go for a fit and sporty lifestyle can opt for the course

Once you have completed the course there are various career options available in the field of sports and fitness. You just have to choose out of all available options to set a career in your destined field.

The profile is based in a school, college or university as a Physical Education Teacher. Person will be responsible to deal with all kinds of physical activities happening in the school like, PT exercises, games and sports etc. He or she will also be responsible for teaching physical education as a subject to students.