St. Vincent Pallotti College has grown significantly over the years, though it has undergone a test of time for a period of few years. The growing demand for admission and the achievements of its staff and students point out towards the need to expand the college into diverse streams. The college celebrates the Silver Jubilee of its inception (1995-2020) this year. Therefore, at this important juncture of the history of the college, I wish to share the vision and mission of our Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti, with the readers in this message so that the spirit of our Founder may prevail in the college and its activities.


The Unceasing Love of God as experienced and expressed by St. Vincent Pallotti is the driving force of our college. It is the unifying force among the staff and the students that inspires an unwavering faith in the God of all religions and an all-encompassing charity. The staff and the students are spiritually and educationally animated towards becoming integrated persons, i.e., Apostles of love, peace and justice! Their life is a clarion call to all the people of good will irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and ethnicity.


The spirit of St. Vincent Pallotti shall be the motivating force in all the undertaking in the college. The continuous awareness of God’s presence, while promoting the collaboration of Clergy, Religious, staff of all religions and laity, as envisaged by St. Vincent Pallotti, shall be the foundation in helping all students to realise their unique God-given potential through spiritual growth, intellectual excellence, social involvement, emotional integrity, Christian charity and harmonious unity. The staff and the students of the college shall develop and exhibit virtues of honesty, sincerity, self-discipline, integrity, cooperation and responsibility to become exemplary citizens in a diverse, challenging and evolving world. This mission shall be accomplished against the backdrop of Pallotti’s motivating force: The Love of God urges us.


To Live the Gospel message of love, service, unity and peace.
To be faithful and be inspired by Christian values.
To open students' minds and hearts to the mystery and wonder of the world and of nature, to self-consciousness and awareness, to responsibility towards creation, to the creator’s immensity.
To help students to look at the reality in faith and hope and thus discover God’s hidden plan therein.
To educate young people to serve and to give themselves freely which is of paramount importance in Catholic Minority College.
To believe that education can nurture an encounter with God as a personal event and a free response to the call of faith. This can thus foster a life of meaning, purpose and personalised values.


To experience and be motivated by love, the Charism of St. Vincent Pallotti, in all that we do and experience.
To build up communities where there is mutual trust, love and freedom.
To build up quality relationship between the staff and the students
To offer ample opportunities to the young mind (laity) in participation and leadership.
To foster a sense of unity despite diversity of cultures and faith.
To inculcate a sense of global belonging in the students and to build bridges between nations and people.
To offer educational facilities to the poorest of the poor.


To make the students aware that their education should go beyond the boundaries of the college to families and the society at large.
To support the edification of an increasingly hostile society.
To help the students to become responsible citizens who will work for social harmony where there is mutual esteem, trust, respect.
To convince them that learning is incomplete without an occasion to serve the local communities.
To build a strong alliance between the parents and educators.
To focus on lifelong learning, on the promotion of a just community based on solidarity that is sensitive to individual needs and is able to systematically help poorer students and families.
Providing a safe, secure, positive and enjoyable environment that builds self esteem, self confidence and the essential attitudes necessary to become a caring member of society.


To offer a wealth of opportunities to young people to grow and develop their God given talents and abilities.
To offer the students a balanced focus on cognitive, affective, professional and skill development.
To encourage them to grow in a climate of cooperation and solidarity.
To help them respect difference of opinions, ideas, to have the capability. to dialogue, the ability to interact and work together in a spirit of freedom and fearlessness.
To make them understand that education is also aimed at increasing a commitment towards self improvement and the common good.
To assert that culture and education cannot be subservient to economic power and its workings.
To promote academic excellence through the provision of well-rounded quality teaching.
To encourage active and positive attitudes through the provision of a range of extracurricular activities including field trips and college activities.


To convince persons that collaboration among various institutions (Pallottines and Non-Pallottines) leads to greater learning and growth.
To believe that collaboration leads to growth and solidarity.
To make efforts to bring about unity among different faiths through dialogue for inter-religious harmony and peace.
The knowledge acquired should be utilised in building democratic bridges between individuals and groups; we should create inclusive learning environments and facilitate harmonious communities.


To develop in the students a spirit of hunger for research and creativity
To help students develop the necessary critical tools to avoid being manipulated by media, social networks, and advanced technological practices.
To help students display skilful activities, critical thinking, creative and transforming abilities to face an ever-changing world.


To teach students that diversity in nature is God’s gift and that it should be respected and nurtured.
To offer young people an integral education as well as assistance in discovering their personal freedom, which is a gift from God.
To pay special attention to the increasing number of students bearing emotional scars from their childhood
To help students gain peace of mind and heart to face the complexities of an ever renewed world.


To develop an awareness and respect for interacting with diverse languages, cultures, customs and religions.
To lead the students from national patriotism to international understanding and a sense of global-belonging.
To challenge both the students and the staff to become sensitive to the pluralistic nature of our culture and bridging of chasms towards a seamless society.
To find meaning in inter-cultural exchange programs with different countries with a view to learning, growing and appreciating the differences as contributing factors.


To make students aware that nature is a priceless gift of God to us and that it is our responsibility to maintain and take care of it.
To involve students in activities such as caring for nature, maintenance of greenery, awareness of the requirements for ecological balance.
To lead them into active participation in reflection and involvement in the changing ecological factors such as global warming, world health issues, and depleting energy crises etc.
May God accompany us in our journey of life in the college through the intercession of St. Vincent Pallotti.