St. Vincent Pallotti College Library invites you to share its wealth of scholarly resources. Founded in 1995, St. Vincent Pallotti College Library maintains a collection of books, magazines, audio-visual materials (CDs, Video Cassettes) and other materials on Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Management, Education, Literature ,fiction and nonfiction books etc. St. Vincent Pallotti Library is an impressive and attractive noise free two floor building. It is well stocked with 13,242 subject specific and general books. Arrangements for separate reading area with individual reading table for teachers and students are available.

The library aims at providing necessary information to all beneficiaries in the appropriate time. The library supports the students and staff in carrying out teaching, learning and research activities to the extent within the financial constraints.

Library Services :

Reference Service
Provide suggestion related to carrier and job.
Catalogues are provided in computer and file form (Title wise search, Author wise, Publisher wise etc.)
Study material for different courses.
Study Centre

Facilities :
Internet Facility
Various magazines, journals related to current affairs, science and technology, G.K., etc are available in the library.

E-Resources :
E-Journal & E-Book – INFLIBNET (N list program)

Library Orientation Programme is organized for the students and others in the beginning of every academic year. Through the program, an effort is made to familiarize every new member with the resources, services, facilities etc. St. Vincent Pallotti College, Library department organized orientation programme for new students of the college on 20.08.2019 to disseminate information related to the library for the newly admitted students. In the library following information are provided:  Rules and regulations of the Library, the procedure of issue and Return of the Books, information of the books, Reference books, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Magazine, Journals, the other arrangements, and facilities, library Automation, related to E-library, etc. available in the library.

The Library Orientation Program for first-year students was conducted with the aim of familiarizing them with the resources, services, and facilities offered by the library. This program provided an essential introduction to the library's functions, and it was designed to empower students to make effective use of the library during their academic journey. The orientation program was well-received by the students, and it successfully achieved its objectives.


The objectives of the Library Orientation Program for first-year students were:

  • To introduce students to the library's physical layout and facilities.
  • To provide an overview of the library's online resources and databases.
  • To explain library policies, borrowing procedures, and code of conduct.
  • To promote information literacy and research skills among students.
  • To encourage students to seek help from library staff whenever required.

The program commenced with a warm welcome by the librarian Dr. Sunita Pawar. Students were introduced to the program's agenda, and the importance of the library in their academic journey was emphasized. Students were divided into small groups and given a guided tour of the library. They were shown the various sections of the library, including the circulation desk, reference section, periodicals section, and computer labs. The tour also covered study areas and quiet zones.

Students were introduced to the library's online resources and databases like N-List and INFLIBNET. The session covered how to access e-books through OPAC, academic journals, and other digital materials. Demonstrations on how to conduct effective searches were provided.

Students were briefed on library policies and procedures, including borrowing rules, due dates, and renewal options. They were also educated on the consequences of late returns and violations of library etiquette.

A question-and-answer session allowed students to seek clarification on any aspect of the library orientation program or library services. Faculty and library staff was available to address queries. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with most students indicating that they felt more confident about using the library's resources and services.

The Library Orientation Program for first-year students was a resounding success. It provided students with a strong foundation in library use and research skills, which will undoubtedly benefit them throughout their academic endeavours. The program ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. Neetu Gupta.

As ‘Albert Einstein’ had rightly quoted that “the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”, they are essential in a process of giving students and citizens access to knowledge. In this digital time they are needed more than ever before.

It is also worth mentioning about the words of ‘Neil Gaiman’ that    “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, but a Librarian can bring you back the right one.”

Taking the importance and necessity of the Library and Librarian into account, the Library committee has conducted an awareness programme on the function and usage of the library on 15th November 2018.

Students had a greater awareness on the various functions of library offline and online as well as usage of different study materials like reference books, catalogue, academic and non-academic magazines, newsletters, newspapers and journals.

‘Open Forum’ is a debate competition organized by the Library Committee on 16/11/2019 in the library.

The participants are from various departments i.e., Commerce, Computer Science, Management and Education. The topic of the debate was “Is Population an asset or a liability for our country?”

Students have interacted and debated enthusiastically over the topic as some were in favor of Asset while some were in the opinion of a disadvantage for the country.

Participants benefitted greatly in sharing different opinions and have given constructive suggestions to tackle the problem of population Explosion.

All Library Committee members were present on the event.

The library Committee’s focus on objectives includes the first and foremost effort on grooming one’s knowledge. Hence, it organizes the activity “Upgrade your knowledge” with the broad view and scope for inculcating the urge and thirst for enhancing and updating knowledge.

It is common for all the streams i.e., B.Ed, PGDCA, BCA, B.B.A. & M.A. in which five objective questions are displayed on the Notice board and students need to submit answers to the library before the 15th day of every month.

The activity is conducted once in a fortnight and will continue till February 2019.

We received the answers from the participants on 1st November and 1st December and declared the winners through lottery system by Principal, Dr. Kuldeep Dubey, Mrs. Mini Pillai, and Mr. Singamala V. Krishna and Vice Principal, Dr G. Padma Gouri, Ms. Sunita Pawar, & Mrs. Abhilasha Khare respectively.

First Slot

I Prize –       Aanchal Sahu BBA III Sem

II Prize-        Chanchal Sethi Bcom III

III Prize-      Deepak Basantia Bcom I   

Second Slot

I Prize –       Neelam Tirkey B.Ed I Sem

II Prize-        Goverdhan Saha PGDCA

III Prize-      Humera  Bcom II               

Open Forum:

‘Is Population of India an asset or liability.’

I Prize –       Rebecca BCA I

II Prize-        Rajeshwari B.Ed

‘Danger of  Cyber Crime’   

I Prize –       Aditi Singh BcomII

II Prize-        Arpit Bcom I

Best Library Reader Award :

I Prize –        Prashant Rathore BBA I Sem