Title: “ पढ़ेंगे हम ,बढ़ेंगे हम ’’ Extension Activity
St. Vincent Pallotti College - Raipur-Title: “ पढ़ेंगे हम ,बढ़ेंगे हम ’’ Extension Activity
Title: “ पढ़ेंगे हम ,बढ़ेंगे हम ’’ Extension Activity
Date: 19-06-2024

Introduction: The Computer Department of St. Vincent Palloti College organized a remarkable one week Extension Activity aimed at imparting computer literacy to the underprivileged children from the Shaskiya Prathmik Shala Khapra Bhatti ,Raipur. This initiative not only demonstrated the college's commitment to giving back to the society but also fostered a spirit of inclusivity and knowledge-sharing among the students. The activity involved BCA- II students serving as mentors to teach the basics of computers to the Shaskiya Prathmik Shala  Khapra Bhatti ,Raipur  children.

Activity Details: The extension activity focused on introducing the children to fundamental computer skills, enabling them to access a world of digital possibilities. The BCA II year students took on the role of mentors, sharing their knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm. The activity was divided into two main segments:

  1. Basic Computer Skills: The students were taught the foundational aspects of using a computer, including understanding hardware components, navigation, and the essentials of computer operating systems.
  2. Creative Learning: In this segment, the children were introduced to the creative side of computing. They were taught how to create digital paintings using simple graphic software. Additionally, they were guided in writing notes using WordPad, helping them grasp the concept of word processing.

Outcome:During the entire week children of Shaskiya Prathmik Shala  Khapra Bhatti ,Raipur  displayed remarkable enthusiasm and a quick grasp of the computer skills taught by the college Student . The hands-on approach helped them overcome any initial hesitation, fostering a sense of confidence in using computers. By the end of the activity, the children were able to produce their own digital drawings and compose basic notes using MS-WORD.


Concluding Ceremony : A Concluding Ceremony was organized by the Department to showcase the work done by the school children throughout the week. Director Rev. Fr. Amit Tirkey, Principal Dr. Kuldeep Dubey, and Vice Principal Dr. G. Padma Gauri have graced the event. One week Computer Literacy Program Certificates had been distributed to all the children by the hands of the dignitaries. Along with the Certificate, every child had been gifted with the hardcopies of the documents and drawings they have prepared during the training program. Towards the end of the event, refreshments were arranged for all children. All the faculty members of the Computer Science Department worked hard to make the Literacy Program a grand success. The program was concluded with a gratitude note given by HOD Mrs. Pooja Rathi.

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